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I say test me and you will see who I really am"
The Holy Tablets 19:6:160

This above quote is a claim made by the man who now a days refers to himself as Neter Aaferti-Atum Re in his book The Holy Tablets. What this verse is saying is if you want to find out who he is, then test him and you will see who he really is. I am very happy that he used the word "See" because in one of his teachings, he teaches that "Seeing is knowing". I put him to the test. I asked him some questions to the point where he started calling me names to avoid addressing the questions. He told all of his followers to put me on ignore so they can avoid me. and now I SEE who he really is. Who he is a Man who gained information from other esoteric philosophical organizations of the past. York patterned his group after that of the Theosophical Society of Madam Helena Blavatsky who's fundamental goal was "to promote peace and understanding among all peoples by recognizing the common truth in philosophy, science, and religion." Being that York was a Muslim and Islam's foundation is Judeo-Christian, York knew of the link that is common in most organizations/groups teachings. He was not the first to come to this conclusion nor was he the first to inform people on this. But to his followers, he's something else. According to York's followers, He is an incarnate of a supernatural Judeo-Christian mythological folklore being by the name of Melchizedek who gets his information from the Most High. 

A few pages from the back of the How To Learn Arabic series put out by York and in the beginning of Science of Healing scroll, there is something that York calls Proclamation of Redemption where he states
"...For over 25 years to date, day in and day out, I have successfully and profoundly answered all questions put to me."

All Nuwaubian think this is true,. But I have brought forth questions to York that he himself refused / did not / could not answer . Here's a portion of a discussion that York and I had a while ago. This is under my Old name Dezzmoor19. ( for proof on how much of a Nuwaubian I was, check out  the Nuwaubian Publication The Religion Islam Unmasked pgs 176-193 )

MYork33687: you are going on block I wont be able to receive email from you and all nuwaubians will be informed of the same thing, it was nice talking to you
you are arrogant
DezzMoor19: i thought you were always open to questioning
wrong, I am not
DezzMoor19: and
nothing is wrong with a little arrogance
remember when you taught that
"nothing is wrong with a little arrogance "
you have bad genes, that's what is messing with you
bad genes
DezzMoor19: If I come to kodesh , will you answer my questions?
you cannot come to Kodesh
why not
you are not welcomed
but I want to discuss this with you
you are not worth the time, you are arrogant,

I don't know why he called me arrogant because within this whole discussion , I never once exaggerated my own worth or importance in an overbearing manner. This was just a cop out for him. If anyone is Arrogant it is him making statements within his Proclamation of Redemption like "Don't reject me, Don't deny me, Don't slander me, I am Your Savior, Come follow me". 

 They were questions about some of his recent contradictions I noticed with his recent teachings. Why wont he answer an "Arrogant Defects" questions but he will a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew.

In a recent Nuwaubian chat room debate,  LINETTE000 was questioning certain things that York was saying about Hot Water Springs. As you can see by his reaction, not only did he feel the need to run away being that he could no longer defend him self, but he also blamed the other Nuwaubians in the room for Letting Me and LINETTE000 in the room. Something that he always does when things don't go his way. Why didn't he just follow his own advice and put us on ignore like he said earlier?

aaferti those hot water springs arent as hot as you think
mr. genius
i been to them before
i have to
natural hot water springs
we have them in nevada
and you dont know what you are talking about as usual, and
Aaferti: in view of the fact that you (Nuwaubians) all let these demons (ANURAGTO and LINETTE000) back in, I will see you all maybe

Just like him to blame Nuwaubians for an act they had nothing to do with. 

In another one of his books called The Book of Laam on pg 3. York again shows his arrogance by allowing one of his followers to say "Many men have claimed their appointment by the creator but they have no proof from the scriptures to back them up , neither do they have the understanding of the scriptures to explain them and make them clear as Al Hajj Al Imaam Isa Abd'Allah Muhammad Al Mahdi (York) or Isa Al Masih (Jesus the Messiah)"

In  an old Nuwaubian Publication called Prehistoric Man and Animals- Did they exist?Page 11. The author claims "We the Ansaars are the only ones who possess the true knowledge of the orgin of life and the science of the creation of the atom.

Manly P. Hall , 33 Degree Freemason said in his book Words to the Wise on page 27 "Students of a mind to affiliate with an occult organization should examine with the greatest of care the merits and demerits of the movement. It is the height of folly to impulsively link oneself with any organization which has not been thoroughly examined and analyzed with all discrimination. Fantastically named organizations should, of course, be entirely avoided.
Any group claiming to be the only possessor of most ancient and profound secrets should be avoided at all costs."

It is a proven fact that York "Bites"  from the teachings of Manly P. Hall .Everything from the words and photos in Manly P Halls books can be seen as copies or reproductions in Nuwaubian books.

Remember when you asked me
"Why are you hating on York So Intensely, If He's wrong he's wrong. The Truth shall come out. Also What is it that he has taught that is so wrong. The Information That I have read has been true. Regardless of the source. And after all isn't that what we are all in this life perusing, the ultimate truth. This sounds like Diallo and some of his friends . Tell me if I'm wrong."

Then you asked me
"I hate to admit it, but I saw nothing wrong with what your saying. however what is your goal????"

What I want to know is why do you hate to admit that you saw nothing wrong with what I'm saying? You said in the previous E-mail "If he's wrong he's wrong . The Truth shall come out"... Does it bother you that the truth is coming out and he is proven wrong? You said that you are looking for "ultimate truth" but I hate to burst your will never find it.  and by the way I'm not Diallo, 

I told you that he lies about who he gets his information from and you told me to prove it. Unless Madam Blavatsky or Manly P Hall or Edgar Cayce or Elizabeth Clare Prophet or Lori Toye is Al Khidr, then he's lying about who and where he gets his information from because as far as i'm concerned. I have seen the plagiarism.. Those are some of the people he gets his information from. 

  • He claims he taught NUWAUBU back in 1967.. 

  • but then says he was abducted by a UFO in 1970... 

  • then says he was taught about the Secrets of Life in Sudan in 1973 by Al Khidr. 

  • Which came first. the Chicken or the Egg?

"Our teacher, Al Hajj (Al Imam) Isa Abd'Allah Muhammad
Al Mahdi(MU) has
received this information from
Shaikh Al Khidr
(SRA) at the junction of the two Niles
Prehistoric Man and Animals- Did they exist? Edition 90, p 11

"There are still many things they have yet to know, and this Right Knowledge will evade them as long as you deny the existence of the Creator of Creators. However I will teach you. I want you to see by this, how Superior to anything else is the Right Knowledge found at the Holy Tabernacle Ministries, I do not merely want you to read it like another lesson, please , this information was given to me by Al Khidr ( the green one) at the junction of the two Niles , in Sudan, Africa before he incarnated into me.
Science of Creation Scroll 81, p 2

" And even others think it is themselves. and the list of saviors goes on. From the early 1900's all the way up to 1970 when something new happened . A teaching unlike before started spreading"
Holy Tablet : 19:6:140-142

In Mission Earth Scroll 82 introuction page II. York states " My teachings have circulated all over the world . Even the so-called "Greatest" debaters have avoided me bacause they know, although they wont admit it, I have the Facts and is a force to be reckoned with. However, they will do everything in their power to suppress me. What they will do is, use my teachings or as the younger generation would say "biting" Many people are coming along using my format or style of writing. "All of the predictions that I made as far back as 1970 AD are happening as we speak and more will eventually: What I have said time and time again has indeed manifested.

Doesn't it feel good to know who the real "biter" is?