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On June 2, 2001 I sat in my office here in New York and browsed through the Internet and came across some unusual material on Freemasonry and Shrindom.  The information caught my eye, as it was data that has been shared from time to time on various groups I belong to on the Internet.  Nothing in depth, but small information on this particular individual who I had the pleasure of one time meeting when he ran a sect of a Muslims in Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. This group was very prominent in the late 70’s to early 80’s.

 This person who I recognized by the name “Al Imam Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi” or as many new him by “Dr. Malachi York” had various websites claiming to be the Imperial Grand Potentate (Internationally). He is the leader of Al Mahdi Temple No. 19.  ILL. And uses the name and title of Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York 33 degree (A.E.O. & N.M.S.) The Ancient Egiptian( note the spelling) Order & Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Northern & Southern Jurisdiction, and also  Grand Master of Nuwaubian Grand Lodge (A.F. & A.M.) Ancient Free & Accepted Masons Inc.  Ramses II Mir No.9. He also claims to be a Scottish Rite Freemason of Amos Grand Lodge of Macon, Ga.  and Deputy Grand Master of  Pride of Georgia Lodge A.F. & A.M.  Well after seeing that it kind of blew my mind. 

After reading a little I decided to write him and E-mail that was freely furnished in his web site: 

Ezekiel Wrote:(6/02/01) Dr. York, I am Ezekiel  M. Bey from New York.  I have been reading many of your articles since you had the Ansaar Community well established.  The reason I am writing you is because I have seen you evolve in many areas that may confuse those who do not know you.  You and I have met many of times.  I by other names as well as those I have seen you trans-change.   

I probably have all of your Ansaar Community subscription and volumes.  What I need to know is what do you consider yourself now?  You first called yourself a Muslim, now by what I see, a Moor.  But then you also say you are a Mason which many years ago you were against the Masonic Order. 

I am not challenging you in any way but would like to know what are your evolutionary reasons for all of your changes?  I know all things change and nothing stays the same.  But you have so rapidly went from one stage to another in which the people of today do not understand, and in order for one to keep up they might have to know you by what you present at the moment and not like I, who have seen you in your early years.   

Well, I wish you the best and hope you can enlighten me on what your intentions are especially now which you call yourself a Shriner.

I know you know the history of the Moorish Fez and what is presently worn, which is a Tarbush.  I see you have been reading and studying amongst the Moors. 

What would you say Noble Drew Ali would say about your movements today?

 Well, the next day to my surprise I received a reply from Dr. York. 

Dr. York’s Reply:(6/02/01) “ If you really followed the books and I believe you did you would know I was always a Freemason. And crossed the desert along time ago to the shrine finding many mistakes in the rituals and handbooks. The tunnel vision discouraged me but I was called to sit on the International Supreme Council of Shriners and to upgrade the handbook and research the roots of the ritual meanings presented with original Arabic manuscripts and translate them into some sense, which I accepted. 

 I found Muslims to be blindly following undercover Euro- Arabs terrorists with no regards for the true Mothers and Fathers of the religion.  I found the Moors confused and Emulating Freemasonry not even knowing the language.  After so many years I think that the Noble: Drew Ali who himself was a Shriner would be heart broken by the dissention remembering he was betrayed by his own. 

 My brother you touched on a touchy subject.  I have no room for faith or belief, only facts and Islam as practiced by most is faith blindness standing in the light blinded by it.  My heart has always been in Nubia that is Egypt and so is every true Freemason and Shriner.  I see where I can be more affective for the upliftment of humanity in the Shrine where my eccentric mind and intense research can’t be called a cult or sect or militant or the likes.”

 I had to sit back and think , where did all of this come from?  When I thought of him saying that he found Muslims to be blindly following undercover Euro-Arabs Terrorists , it took some wind out of me.

He generalized all Muslims to be terrorist in that statement and I totally disagreed.  He also stated that he found the Moors confused, and Emulating Freemasonry not even knowing the language; it told me to be cautious and evaluate his data and information. 

Dr. Malachi York is now part of a new group called the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors.  Not to be confused with the Moorish Science Temple that Noble Drew Ali (Aka Timothy Drew) started in the early 1900’s or the Circle of Mothers & Sons, or The Great Seal of the Moorish Science. 

 Dr. Malachi York in many of his writings and web sites express that he is from another galaxy.  A galaxy known to him as Illyuwn.  He claims that there are 19 galaxies and that Illyuwm is the 19th.  He states  in some of his writings that Illiyuwm means “On High” and that this galaxies has 3 suns, UTU, SHAMASH, and APSU; with 38 Moons and 19 planets.

 To get to know Dr. York a little more of what he represents  today, I sent him another E-mail on June 5th, 2001 to see if he would respond and explain a few of my curiosities:  

Ezekiel Wrote: Brother Dr. York, at least that is who I believe you are since you did not sign the E-mail of your post.  I appreciated you responding to my enquiry about a few curious thoughts of mine.  You see I to am a Moor and a Mason.  I do not recall you ever calling yourself a Mason but that is neither here nor there.  The fact is that you consider yourself one now.  As far as the Shriners you give a good description and definition of the Fez in which I am very familiar.

My question to you is when did you first see yourself as a Moor?  Since in the 70's you considered yourself a Muslim and not a Moslem in the circle of the Moorish Science Temple? 

I can relate to your intolerance to faith as this in not the age of belief but the age of "I Know".  I am a Masonic writer as well and I have written many articles for many Masonic publications.  So I do understand your mission in reaching the blind and teaching them how to see correctly.

I have seen most of your sites and I see you have many names.  Is there a reason for this?  I too have evolved to have many names as well but what is your reason?  The reason I ask these question is not to doubt your intentions but to get a clear picture to who I once new you as, and what you are today.


In trying to relate to his concept one must realize that this man has studies intensively the doctrines of the world.  This is why one must speak the language he understands but letting him know that your reason might be totally different then his.  So my position was to learn how he sees his own view and not what he wants me to sees by his form of casting illusions:


Dr. York’s Reply:(6/6/01) “I have one name Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi and many titles according to which school of thought I’m mastering and teaching. Anyone who has read my books who is a Freemason would recognize Masonic language through out the books. As far as Moor is concerned I have in my possession a card issued at age 28 in 1973 Brother M. York-EL home office 48 inches St. Mt. Clemens, Michigan, 48043.  The card has a Crescent and star to the left under which is the word Islam next to that there’s a clasped hand, above it is the word unity, to the right is the symbol of circle 7, beneath it the word Allah. I've always carried this card on my person and never denied being a Moor. I was initiated in 1970 at Masonic, King Solomon Lodge No.4 1215 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn New York. Then I was pasted at Enoch Grand Lodge on Putnam and Nostrand Ave. in Brooklyn and raised at the same under Worshipful Master Charles Tensely 33rd degree.  I was crossed at Mecca II Desert Georgia, oasis Macon by Noble T.W. Smith Jr. 33rd/95 degrees.  My family on my Mothers side were all Shriners and Daughters of Isis out of Richmond Virginia Zen Court No.98 Newport News Virginia and Zen temple No.122. I hope this information helps you to understand my involvement.  While in Morocco studying at Fez University I visited the shrine there, Maghrib Temple as well as the Grand Temple in Khartoum where I was given documents, which will be on the web page chartering and linking us to the International Supreme Council Of Worldwide Shrinedom.  Concerning the Fez, Moors don’t wear Fez's and the word is faas in Arabic as appose to the tarbah, which was mis-pronounced by the Turks as Tarboosh.  Many errors appear in Moorish American doctrine but that's neither here nor their. The fact that we elders of the true purpose have survived, and I hope that you spend your life as I do waking up our people.  Your brother I.S.L.A.M.”


Here Dr. York states that his affiliation was with a King Solomon Lodge and Enoch Grand Lodge in Brooklyn in 1970.  He claims to have been created a Shriner in Macon, Georgia by someone named Noble T.W. Smith Jr. who was a 33rd over 95’s.  Both Grand Lodges are known today as Bogus and Irregular Grand Lodges. 

So far we see a Man who is a Muslim, Moslem, Moor, from galaxy 19 of the 19th planet called Illiyuwm, who became a Shriner in

Macon ,Georgia.  He was given what I know as a Nationality Card, which I am very well familiar as this is only given in the Moorish Science Temple of from a authorized Sheik of the same.


After receiving this information from Dr. York, I was compelled to respond as I felt there was more he would tell.  So on June 6th, 2001 I replied:


Ezekiel Wrote:(6/07/01) Islam Brother Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi, I am well aware of the Nationality Card issued by the Moors as I myself carry one on my person at all times.  What is most interesting is your affiliation with King Solomon Lodge and Enoch Grand Lodge.  Are you aware of legality in Grand Lodges?  These Grand Lodges operate illegally when it comes to Masonic Authority.  Enoch was a break off from Hiram Grand Lodge, which was set up by John G. Jones who was a suspended Mason from the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge.  He was the original founder of the Shriners among people of dark complexion here in the States.


Speculative Masonic bodies must find the origin to the British Isles.  That is if you are practicing speculative Masonry.  Operatives are recognized as Stone Masons as were the Ancient Egyptians in their mystery schools of thought.


Those Lodges you mentioned are speculative and considered spurious Lodges or what we know as irregular.  I understand that this was back in 1970 well over 30 years ago.


One of my biggest concerns is the talk of you being from another galaxy.  Is there some truth to this?  And what about the extraterrestrial beings I have heard that exist on earth?  I would like to know about this.


Here is where the Gold is tested by the fire to see if it’s pure.  Dr. York’s response is not a direct one and avoids certain inquiries I made concerning the topic of extraterrestrial beings as some of his followers claim they were taught by Dr. York. This is  explained by a student of Dr. York on her web site.  He mentions Prince Hall in his reply but really does not explain who the man was as you will see later what he thinks he knows of Prince Hall, the father of our Fraternity here in America.


Dr. York’s Reply: (6/8/01) “First of all when you speak of freemasonry and then jump into the subject of extraterrestrial you can become confused. I answered your question as to my affiliation with lodges in New York.  Close observations I mention lodges and shrines in Virginia.  If you are familiar with my family history as I hope you are, you will know of the family affiliation with Boston and Prince Hall.  I like many accepted what you are calling European Freemasonry from Britain however, after entering Lodges in Egypt and Morocco, and the Grand Temple in Saudi Arabia I found that most if not all Freemasons in America haven't a clue of what real Shrinedom is. And where it originated they don’t know who Hiram really was let alone the repeated mistakes stemming from a lack of fluency in the Arabic language.  Things like Arabic Nobles of the Mystic Shrine in Arabic speaking countries.  At the shrine it translate Arab Nobles of the Mystic Shrine the passwords are wrong as a result of Europeans receiving them in manuscripts from individuals who themselves were not Arabs.  Rizk Allah Hassaan Effendee was a Turk and did not speak fluent Arabic. Louis Marracci did not speak fluent Arabic and never translated the Arabic Quran.   He was Italian and translated from Castilian Spanish of Spain to Latin. Shaykh Alnasafi was a Persian; his native language was Farsi Albert L. Lawson an American, was not fluent in Arabic.  Bro. Jones claimed to have received on June 1893 sanctioned from Noble Ali Rifest Pasha who name Pasha alone reveals that he was not an Arab but rather a Turk.  All of the above were not sanctioned by the (As Spayed) the blood line of the family we have and used in our temple translations from the Arabic which was brought back from the Egyptian temples and Shrines who got them from well preserved tents in the gold casket of As Spayed Al Hussein father of As Spayed Yacub , son of As Sayyid Ali, and Fatima daughter of as Sayyid Muhammad, and Nabi  (P.B.U.H.).  The Masonic Lodge does not have its origin in Britian but in Babylon with Nimrod.  Many people have been misled by a group of men called the Alberts.  Peace!” 


Notice that he never gives any reference to his information but at times places himself in an area of the world to have witness it with his own eyes.   For the third time I  asked the question of extraterrestrials. 

It is mind boggling to have learned in one of the website were the media reports that the Rev. Jesse Jackson attended one of there public functions and gives Dr. York and his followers credit for what they are doing in the communities.  This is the deception and the views other Masons are blind to when one does not know the truth themselves.  The illusions of doing for the communities are shadowed by the hypocrisies and lies of what looks good.  We fail to pick up on falsehood when we dare not test the Gold with fire.  The many sites that Dr. York has are somewhat ironic and shows an unstable mind controlling even weaker minds by the process of brainwash.  Later you will see how misinformation can fool even the best of Men if we are not watchful.


Ezekiel Wrote:(6/9/01) Then Brother Mahdi Please explain what you see as extraterrestrials? And how you come from another galaxy or rather the 19th galaxy that you say. This indeed is an interesting subject as I have heard of many who say that they are from other worlds.


Dr. York is uncertain to whom he is talking to.  He is unsure if he is talking to a human or some other being in what could be the enemy.  He uses NASA as a sort of reference to answer my questions, but nothing that he will openly say that it is coming from his person:


Dr. York’s Reply:(6/10/01)  “I have written several books on this subject that are still available.  One thing is for sure to date; the government has confirmed finding right outside of third solar system a tri- solar system. The same sheriff that hated legends. On which Caucasians, which include is deputy and friend admit of seeing craft hovering over the black pyramid in Tama.  Anything that I would try to explain to you would sound like science fiction.  The war in heaven still goes on and I never know exactly who or what I’m still talking to.  Is there a Rizq?  NASA thinks so.  Is there an Illiyuwm?  NASA found it.  Are there such things as unidentified crafts?  NASA has confirmed it.  Are there people walking amongst you whose bodies are vessels for higher intelligence from other dimensions?  It has been confirmed.  Besides those things there is nothing more I can say.”


I make one last attempt to see if he might explain his views on outer beings and try to direct the conversation back to Masonry and what his intentions are as it relate to his International Shrine Order in Macon Georgia and abroad: 


Ezekiel Wrote:(6/10/01) I do understand what you are saying Brother Mahdi.  My question is, are you of that galaxy and did you come from that Galaxy?  We all know that we have come from somewhere.  I am asking did you come from this galaxy?


I am not interested in what NASA thinks.  I am interested in what you think and the people who follow you.  I myself know that there are other entities and other life form within our World.  What I am asking is your explanation on how you see things.   So, how do you explain extraterrestrial beings?


Back to Freemasonry, how do you relate the Shrine to Freemasonry?  What is your concept in regularity in Freemasonry?  And what do you think of Prince Hall Freemasonry?  Prince Hall Freemasonry has been around longer than any other Black Fraternity in this country.  What do you know of Prince Hall Freemasonry?


Dr. York’s Reply:(6/12/01) “Subjects that I've discussed and made plain in books I leave at that, except for those who stand close enough to me to bring trust with how I feel about things. Prince hall had a white father and a half white mother.  I did say if I’m correct my family was out of Boston. By that I thought I was making myself clear.  Prince Hall Clandestine Modern Freemasonry is all confused.   Reading the same books giving to them by Euro Freemasons.  Prince Hall cannot establish an African Lodge when neither his mother nor father was African.  Scottish Rites and the likes are Caucasian, being no Negro or Scottish.  We have the in-depth history of the real teachings that was given to the Geeks, who gave it to the Romans, who gave to the Europeans, who the Negroes begged for charters from them for years.  So we move and work on a much higher levels than the sects that the original doctrine has divided into by self-rightous leaders.  Something that must be done away with.  After they finish there 32nd degree or there 12th degree to the Knights Templar they become Muslims anyway, so this is the civilizing of the Greeks and doesn’t really apply to us the true seed of the Quraish tribe.  The Black Arabs.”


Again Dr. York ignores my question and now says he only discusses those thing with those that he trust and close to him.  He places Prince Hall in a circle of a White Father and a half White Mother.  He removes the Afrocentricity away from Prince Hall and calls him “beggars of Charters.”  What Dr. York is practicing is a mystery to me, but it sure does not sound like any Freemasonry I know nor any Shrinedom I have ever heard of.

The names he goes by are as mentioned, “Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi, Dr. York, Chief Black Eagle, Dr. Malachi Z. York EL, Nayya Malchizodok EL, Al Mahdi, Dwight York, Rabboni Y’shua Bar El Haady and many others.  I think this is the most far fetch contiversial person I have ever known of.  I have no idea how Freemasonry falls into any of his concepts.  He has taken Islam, a pure religion of the East, and took his own twisted ideas, threw some Shrine twist into it, went to deep space nine, well in his case the 19th galaxy, took a trip to Egypt and became a Pharaoh, created his own Moorish group, and believes he is from a tribe of Indians called the Yamassee Native Americans.  Now how can anyone follow him is beyond me.  I get exhausted just dialoguing with him via E-mail.  This Man is literally running his own Grand Lodge in Georgia, his own Shrine Temple called AL Mahdi Shrine Temple Ancient Egiptian Order & Arabic Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (A.E.O. & A.N.O.M.S).  I guess he got tired of me asking questions, that he asked me to identify myself or the conversations with him will cease.  I needed to know where did he get a Charter to operate or where did he receive his authority to practice Freemasonry.  Well here is how it went.


Ezekiel Wrote: (6/11/01) Where did you receive your Charter to give you authority to practice Masonry?  That is if you are one who feels you need a charter.  Why do you emphasize Shrinedom?  Do you feel Shrinedom and Freemasonry are the same?


Dr. York’s Reply: (6/12/01) “If you truly read my books than you know my history as a Mahdi, and if you've read the web page you would have seen the blood link to the Prophet Muhammad and Ali.  Need I say more?  Again I repeat identify yourself, Lodge, Temple, Desert, Oasis, Potentate, or our conversation about Masonry and Shrinery has reached its end.”