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What Shall We Call Him?

So often our various journalists find trouble in selecting the proper name for the Moorish American. Some say "Negro," another will brand him "Race .Man." still another will call him "Afro-American," and then come "Colored," "Dark American." "Coon," "Shine." "The Brethren," and your "Folks." It is indeed a. hard matter to find something suitable for the various occasions where a title needs to be used. Is it that these people have no proper name? Did they have a National name when first brought to these shores in the early part of the Seventeentli Century? If so, what was it? Did not the land from which they were forced have a name? It now appears a goo<; idea for those whose duty it is to write for the various journals to find out what the National Name of the forefathers of these people was. Also look into the history of the founders of civilization and see who they were and where they stood in the building of the present-civ-

ilization. Probably two hours in an up-to-date library would serve to relieve the strain on our men of letters. When the occasion presents itself for a title for these people. The matter of the various names given to these twenty-two million people with all colors of every race of the globe was an act of European psychology. Thev gave him a name, then defined it as something inferior to theirs. "White." they defined as a color of purity; "Black," they say. represents everything of evil. The "Negro." as they were called in this nation, have no nation to which the\ might look with pride. Their history start? with the close of the Civil \^ar or more properly with his being forced to serve some one else. Thus he is separated from the illustrious history of his forefathers who were the founders of the first civilization of the Old World. This matter should be looked into with a hope of'correcting it.



The citizens of all free national governments according to their national constitution are all of one family bearing one free national name. Those who fail to recognize the free national name of their constitutional government are classed as undesirables, and are subject to all inferior names and abuses and mistreatments that the citizens care to bestow upon them. And it is a sin for

any group of people to violate the national constitutional laws of a free national government and cling to the names and the principles that delude to slavery.

I, the Prophet, was prepared by the Great God Allah to warn my people to repent from their sinful ways and go back to that state of mind to their forefathers' Divine and national principles

that they will be law-abiders and deceive their divine right as citizens, according to the free national constitution that was prepared for all free national beings. They are to claim their own free national name and religion. There is but one issue for them to be recognized by this government and of the earth and it comes only through the connection of the Moorish Divine National Movement, which is incorporated in this government and recognized by all other nations of the world. And through it they and their children can receive their Divine rights, unmolested by other citizens that they can cast a free national ballot at the polls under the free national constitution of the States Government and not under a granted privilege as has been the existing condition for many generations.

You who doubt whether J, the Prophet, and my principles are right for the redemption of my people, go t» those that know law, irl the City Hall and among the officials in your government and ask them under an intelligent tone, and they will be glad to render you a favorable reply, for they are glad to see me bring you out of darkness into light. Money doesn't make the man, it is free national standards and power that makes a man ancT a nation. The wealth of all national governments, gold an-d silver and commerce belong to the citizens alone and without your national citizenship by name and principles, you have no true wealth, and I am hereby calling on all true citizens that stand for a National Free Government, and the enforcement of the constitution to help me in .my great mis-sionarv work because I need all support from all true American citizens of the United States of America. Help me to save my people who have fallen from the constitutional laws of the government. I am depending on your support to get them back to the constitutional fold again that they will learn to love instead of hate, and will live according to Love, Truth, Peace.

Freedom, and Justice, supporting our free national constitution of the Lnited States of America.

I love my people and I desire their unity and mine back lo their ow n free National and Divine standard because day by day they have been violating the national and constitutional laws of their government by claiming names and principles that are unconstitutional. It Italians. Greeks. English. Chinese. Japanese, Turks, and Arabians are forced to proclaim their free national name and religion before the constitutioal government of the Lnited States of America, it is no more than right that the law should be enforced upon all other American citizens alike. In all other government-^ when ;i man is born and raised there and asked for his national descent name and if he fails to give it. he i« misused, imprisoned, or exiled. Any group of people that fail to answer up to (he constitutional -tandards of law by name and principles, because to be a citizen of any government you must claim your national descent name. Because they place their trust upon issue and name? formed by their forefathers.

The word Negro deludes in the Latin language to the word nigger; the same as the word "colored"' deludes to anything that is painted, varnished and dyed. And every nation must bear a national descent name of their forefathers, because honoring thy fathers and thy mothers, you. da\s will be lengthened upon this earth. These names have never been recognized by any true American citizens of this day. Through your free national name you are known and recognized by all nations of the earth that are recognized by said national government in which they live. The 14th and 15th Amendments brought the North and South in unit, placing the Southerners who were at that time without power, with the constitutional body of power. And at that time. 1865. the free national constitutional law that was enforced since

1774 declared all men equal and free, and if all men are declared by the free national constitution to be free and equal .since ilidi constitution has never Ixfn changed, there is no need for the application of the 1 Itli and 15th A-mendents lor the salvation of oin peo-|ilc and citizens.

So. there isn t hut one .supreme issue for my people to use to redeem that \\hich was lost, and that is through the ahove statements. Then the lion and the lamb can lie down together in )on-der hills. And neither will he harmed. because Love. Truth. Peace. Freedom and Justice will be reigning in this land. In those days the United Stales will be one of the greatest civil izi«d and prosperous governments of the world. but if the above principles are not cai-ried out by llie citizens and my peoplr in this government, the worst i- yet lo come, because the Great God of the Universe is not pleased with the work.-that are being performed in North America by m\ people and this great sin must be removed from the hind to save it from enormous earthquakes, diseases, etc.

And I. the Prophet, do herein believe that this administration of the government being more wiselv prepared by more genius citizens that believe in their free national constitution and laws and through the help of snrli classes of citizens. I. the Prophet, truly believe that my people will find the true and Divine wa\ of their forefa-

thers, and learn to stop serving carnal customs and merely ideas of man, that have never done them any good, ,hut have always harmed them.

So. 1. the Prophet, am hereby calling aloud with a Divine plea to all true American citizens to help me to remove this great sin which has been committed and is being practiced by my people in the United States of America, because thev know it is not the true and Divine way and. without understanding the\ have fallen from the true light into utter darkness of sin, and there is not a nation on earth today that will recognize them socially, religiously, politically or economical!}, et'-. in their present condition of their endeav-orment in which they themselves try to lorce upon a civilized world, the) •,\ill not refrain Irom their sinful ways of action and their deeds have brought jim-crow ism. segregation, and everything that brings harm to human beings on earth. AnS they fought the Southerner for all these great misuses, but I have travelled in the South and have examined conditions there, and it is the works of my "people continuously practicing the things which bring dishonor, disgrace, and disrespect to any nation that lives the life. And I am hereby calling on all true American citizens for moral support and finance to help me in my great missionary work to bring my people out of darkness into marvelous iight.




Our Divine and national Movement stands for the specific  grand principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justcie, and I, The Prophet, am applying to all loyal, faithful Moors, members, and the American citizens to help me in my great uplifting acts of uplifting fallen humanity among the Asiatic race and nation. for I have suffered and severely in the past through misunderstandings of what the movement was dedicated to.

It is the Great God Allah, alone that guides the destiny of this Divine and National Movement. I know all true American citizens are identified by national descent names to answer and apply to the free national constitution of this free National Republic of the United States of America. That's why I am calling on all true national citizens to help me morally and financially in my great work I am looking to help this national government. For without a free national name, with a descent flag of your forefathers, there is not a national divine title of the government in which we live.

This is from your true and Divine Prophet unto all American and foreign sympathizers.


The Moorish Guide feb-15-1929


The Voice Of The Prophet

If you have race pride and love yom race, join the Moorish Science Temple of America and become a part of this Divine Movement, then you will have power to redeem your race because you will know who you are, and your forefathers were. Because where there is unity there is strength. "Together we stand, divided we fall."

Come, good people, because I. the Prophet, sent to redeem this nation from mental slavery which you have now, need every one of you who think that your condition can be better. This is a field open to strong men and women to uplift the nation and take your place in the affairs of men.

If the Europeans and other nations are helping me. why not you. It is your problem. The Negro problem is being solved only as it can, and that is by the Moorish National Divine Movement. If you have a nation you musl have a free national name in order io he recognized by this nation as an American citizen. This is what was meant when it said. "Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all these things would be added unto you."


The Moorish Guide sep-28-1928


                           Religious Controversy

In this age there is still much religious controversy as to the right thing.

Big and powerful ministers have come to the conclusion that something is wrong. Some say it is the Ten Commandments, others say there is a lack of sincerity in the purpose of the churches; still others think it is all worthless and not fit for the time it takes to attend them. However or whatever their final decision might be, it is certain they will make a change or rather try to make one.

The fact of the matter is that they have always had only a reflection of the truth and not the real thing. Like one who holds up to the sun a mirror and casts a few of its diverted rays in

a different direction, so have they done with the truth that is supposed to have r-ome from the East.

There are but feu j^pople who know what the truth is aiout man, and that few know that it is foolish to try to impart it to the ignorant. Although the ignorant h; : college, he is a fool right or rained to jump

through a hoop. The longer he stays in the school;, the better he can jump, and the more . he defend his jumping.

From the East comes all light, but though the sun is hanging at high noon; the blind cannot see. The same is the Islamic Creed from the East was brought to the Asiatics of America by the Prophet, NOBLE DREW ALI, and offered to those who were sick at heart, tried for many years, yet they are blind and cannot see the light, Nor is the Prophet trying to put new wine in old skins, for he knows that it will burst them. Still he has the only remedy for the nations. The remedy brought by Jesus. Mohammed, Confucius, and all of the other prophets, which remedy is truth.

The nations do not want the truth; it is too stern, but until they accept it and find out where it is, there will continue to be religious controversy.


                                        Savior Of Humanity

In this electrified age men are racing into this life without complete knowledge of where they are going, or what the end will be, when .riches seem to be their only pursuit, to be obtained anyway and at any cost; when selfishness, avarice, greed and lust dominate their very being; when humanity in general is left at the mercy of those who have no mercy in them. It is truly wonderful and astounding to see one come into this mad human drama for the sole purpose of saving humanity. Losing all sight on those things worldly and yielding absolutely to a cause highei than has ever yet been attained. This picture is the likeness of Prophet Noble Drew AH. who is serving humanity.

Coming as he does with a message for the nations in somewhat the same manner as did Jesus. Mohammed, Buddha. Confucius and other prophets of their day. Only the things of this prophet's day differ from the ills of the days of the past; and yet the remedy for the ills of today is about the same as the remedies for the davs past; all turning about the pivot Love —love for humanity.

Humanity must be lifted from the unwholesome depths of poverty, misen and suffering and placed on the solid

rock of salvation. There are some who claim to do this but upon investigation, one finds that they have slouched under the wings of their cross to extract from those who come to them, means by which they can have the pleasures of this life, while they point their followers to joy after death. While they "feed their sheep" they also shear them while eating. At the close of their day the Master will be heard to tell them. ''You have your reward, get thee hence."

Rare is it that you find a real prophet whose mission is the salvation of the nations. The land is full of false prophets whose mission is to fleece the people.

The time was and now is that there should come into the land a prophet in the likeness of his brothers, to redeem them from sin and slavery. Truly this Prophet Noble Drew Ali is the man, bringing with him the message of Love. Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Jus-ticu. which alone'can save the nations. Like the coming of Jesus, he does not come from the elect, nor the rich, nor the mighty in worldly power, 'jut all power k given unto him to do good. Thi1-- power is from Allah.

It will be his works that will make 7iien of every nation accept the truth that he brings. It will be through his teachings that the nations of the earth will understand the will of the Master; it will be through him t'lat "Peace on earth and good will to all men" shall

come. It will be through his work humanity will be brought from the slime of life and placed on tin- soli,) rock of salvation.

What Is Islam?

Islam is a very simple faith. It requires man to recognize his duties toward God Allah, his Creator and his fellow creatures. It teaches the supreme duty of living at peace with one's surroundings. Il is preeminent)n the religion of peace. The very name. Islam, means peace. The goal of a man's life, according lo Islam, is peace v.ith everything. Peace with Allah and peace with man.

The Koran, the Holy Rook of Islam, tells us that the final abode of man is the "House of Peace." 'where' no vain word or sinful discourse v.ill be heard. The Holy Divine Prophet. Noble Drew Ali. says that a fol'ower of Islam in the true sense of the v ord is one whose hands, tongue and thought* do not hurt others.

Object of 'nan's life, according to Ulam. is it< complete unfoldmrnt. Islam teaches that man is born with unlimited capacities for progress. Islam does not support the idea that man was born in sin. It teache= that ever) one has within him the seed of perfect development and ii rests solely with himself to make or mar his fortune.

The cardinal doctrine of Islam is the unity of the Father—ALLAH. Vi/e .believe in one God. Allah who is All God. All Mercy, and All Power. He is perfect and hol\. All Wisdom. All Knowledge, and All Truth. These are some of His great attributes so far as v. e can understand.

He is free from all defects, holy and transcendent. He is personal to us in so far as we see His attributes working for us and in us; but He is. nevertheless, impersonal. Because He is infinite, perfect, and Holy, we do not belie\e that death, decay, or sleep overtake Him. neither do, \ve believe that He is a helplessly inactive and inert force. Nothing happens without his knowledge and will. He neither begets nor is He begotten, because these are the trails of frail and weak humanity.

This unity of Allah is the first and foremost pillar of Islam and every other belief hangs upon it.

The Moorish Guide feb-1-1929


                               Caveat Emptor

Moors are men, upright, independent and fearless who care for their loved outs and follow the Prophet to a des-tin> which is not uncertain nor un-knoun. They are fortified by the impregnable <loctrine built upon Love. Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. It i~. therefore, folly at its greatest height for smelly culprits with their insidious (plans to invade such realm.

They try and try but their own bad planning brings down wrath upon their heads like the sword old Damocles had. Intrigue and scurrilous cunnings find a difficult path to travel within the ranks of the Mocrs. This is so because the Moorish Movement has been w-ell planned by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, \\hose latent powers are abundant, unknown and may be called into action, as a matter of defense, at any .moment.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali knows the people within his ranks who are inter* ested. Thev are vanguard of the Movement as the Moorish hordes increase

here in America. All of the Moors are active not passive. A member's interest can only be in one direction and having traveled over the road vears before the Prophet knows where even member is along the ro^d.

A few feet below is another road where schemers w. k. where traitors grin, and culprits bask in the sun. They think they are on the same road with true Moors, but the Moors are high above on a pinnacle where they might view the destructionists as they fall for the last time and their .bones Meach in the sultry mid-day sun.

Hungry scavenger- rlying high, catch scent, devour and leave cr\ ing out: Cnveat Emptor - - cast out • the dead carcass. The IVioors high above see these plotters, purveyors, the worst that exist, hurl themselves downward by their own works as the hawks wait.

The Moorish Guide march-1-1929


Prophet Announces His Authority And Power

Forced to make changes. All Governors and other officers of the Moorish Science Temple are hereby congratulated for their past loyalty and fidelity, for I know it will be the same in the future. Because ot certain inci-denls that have risen in some of the 'IVmpIrs which seem to come from the 1.1(1 that there are those who do not kiio\\ «here (he seal of power is vest-cil. the Pnipliel has ordered the fol-limin!; id he published:

Ml authority and power of the M'Mirish Science Temple of America '- \c-tol :n the Prophet Noble Drew

Ali and those whom he appoints to act as in the Supreme Body. The Prophet has the authority and power to expel any officer or rp.rrher of the Moorish Science Temple ^i America who wilfully violates or refuses to comply with the rules in regard to branch Moorish Science Temple, and such suspensions and expulsions shall stand until in the judgment of the Prophet, the members and officers ?hall have made satisfactory atonement. All officers and members of the Moorisli Science Temple of America and any such rules and regulations of the constitution shall be in writing and not at

variance with any law of the city, town or nation which the Prophet shall declare a law.

During this session of the convention, all rules, regulations and laws of the constitution and such as might be enacted and ordered by the Prophet, shall express and explain in detail, so there can be no doubt as to what is

required of each and every officer or member of the organization.

The Prophet will positively not tolerate any interference with the operation of this National Divine Movement from any one.

by the Prophet, NOBLE DREW ALI


                     The Prophet Has Spoken

All Governors and Grand Sheiks and head officials that guide any body of Moors of any Temple of the Moorish Science Temple of America:

He or she must be of good moral standard and a heart of love and their works must .be of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. They are to imitate the Prophet in speech and teaching in any said Temple. T! ey must not be undet the influence of intoxicating liquors or any other harmful motive tha; wi'l terminate to become detrimental to the organized"". It must not be known that any leader is staying away from home or neglecting his duty at home or must allow the pub-lie to know of their wrong doings. They must forever live the life of Love at home and it must ,be known by all the members. They must no: speak rash words nor any profane language in the rr;'dest form to any other individual because a leader without influence of good works cannot be a leader, and to be a real Moorish leader you must study the Koran and the Divine Constitution that is handed down unto you by I. the Prophet.

No finance business is to be opened with any group of members of any Temple ,by the Governor or ^Grand-

or whosoever in charge without the consultation of I. the Prophet. All uplifting funds, books, are to be issued only through I. the Prophet, because that money is to finance thb Moorish Movement.

The head of any Temple can maintain an emergency fund which cannot exceed the amount of from 25 cents to 50 cents a week per member. All public collections and dues also to the supporting of each said Temple and its domestic work.

No nuance books are to be served in any Temple except by the Prophet. The head of everv Temple must by law obey the word of the Prophet, and if any leader or head of any Temple fails to obey these lau? — embezzlement is his charge, and is subject to enforcement of the law by the Grand Body. And the penalty may be a fine or a removal from office, or placed under a very heavy restriction of the law.

Supreme Words of the Prophet, NOBLE DREW ALI

The Moorish Guide feb-15-1929


Think This Over, You Moors

All Sheiks, Grand Sheiks must prepare for the Prophet before he comes to visit them. Must see to it that all is clean and in perfection as far as comfort is possible, or otherwise don't arrange to have his presence. All members should pay from 25 cents to 50 cents weekly towards the Emergency Fund. This fund will increase so that it will soon amount to the grand sum of $1,000. That is, if you are loyal Moors. The Emergency Fund goes into the bank. The treasurer will tend to the responsibility of seeing that the money is in the bank, yes, and under the name of the Moorish Science Temple of America Finance. When needed, act according to the law pertaining to the procedure of performing an Emergency Act.

No head of any said Temple is to borrow from any member more than five to ten dollars unless by notification of the Prophet, t!~e necessity for the loan. When any' said Temple desires to purchase property they must first notify the Grand Body or the Prophet and it must be purchased under the name of the Moorish Science Temple of America or Noble Drew Ali. An individual name should never .be applied. I. Noble Drew Ali. am responsible for all finance, so therefore let I, the Prophet, know what is on me.

Some of you have slipped and slipped drastically, so you had better lace up your shoes before I get there. Everything, every business transaction or anything pertaining to finance is to .be transacted in the name of the Moorish Science Temple of America, or Noble Drew Ali. We Moors must maintain a grand treasurer, just as in the days of our forefathers; then you are a nation—until then, you are nothing.

The Emergency Fund is issued by no book, but by an emergency card punched according to contribution, then marked on book; that is the law, and the law must live. The government is behind me, and I must get behind you. For I must uphold and enforce the law, my mission is to save you Moors.

The heads of all Temples, Grand Sheiks, Grand Sheikess must confirm to the Divine principles: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. They must live the life among the members and be loved even as the Prophet is loved. They must not practice the principle of segregation among any group in his or her Temple. Let it be he or she that is head of any Temple of the Moorish Science Temple of America that if there should come any grievance that cannot be settled by the head, notify the Prophet at once.

No member is to attend Adept Chamber that has not lived a moral and clean life, and has not paid his or her dues or assessments, providing that he or she is working or able, cannot consider himself a Moor. But traitors must be excluded from the books after having fair trial by the head of their Temple, and that must be sent into the Grand Body. And all members that are able to, subscribe towards the uplifting fund because it takes finance to uplift a nation. And those that are able and fail to act, are not Moors, but traitors to their cause and trust and their nation', and are not allowed to share all the Moorish honors. And the penalty is— It is embezzlement of the faith of our creed. All heads of all Temples must observe these laws.


The Moorish Guide feb-15-1929


Divine Warning By The Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Prophet warns All Moslems -  Governors Ordered To Read  Proclamation At each Meeting


I, hereby inform all members thai they must end all radical agitating speeches while at work in their homes or on the streets. We are for peare and not destruction.

Stop flashing your cards at Euro-peans; it causes confusion. Remember your card is for your salvation.

Failure to obey these orders \\ill lie of severe consequence.

We are for Love, Truth, Peace. Freedom and Justice, and when these principles are violated, justice must then take its course.

Any member or group of members who hold malicious feelings toward the temple or the Prophet, or violate the divine covenant of the Moorish Movement will receive their reward from Allah for their unjust deeds.

All true Moors will and must obey the law as laid down to them by their

Prophet. If they lose confidence in their Prophet, they should turn in their card and button, cease u earing their turban and fez and return to the state where I. the Prophet, found you.

This is a holy and divine movement founded by the Prophet Noble Drew rs Ali, and if the Prophet is not right. I the temple is not right.

The Prophet, therefore, is sending out the divin .lea to all Moorish Americans that they do their part in protecting their Prophet and the Tern-pie.

This is an everlasting movement founded by the Prophet through the will of Allah to redeem his people from their sififul ways.


The Moorish Guide oct-17-1928


General Laws As Said By The Prophet

Every Temple and head is to function by words, deeds, and actions, imitating the Prophet -- especiall) when teaching a group of Moors, any group of Moors. These are the General Laws; the Supreme laus will he handed you later The heads of all Temples are to submit a report monthly of all finance. The heads of all Tern-pies are to refrain from all wrathful words, profanity in the mildest form from all the members of his or her Temple. They must li\e the life of Love. Truth. Peace. Freedom, and Justice, and refrain from all alcoholic liquors or any other harmful possibility that "ill terminate to destrov Peace, or any other of the Divine Principles. They are not to contribute lo anything that will cause the public to disagree with him or her. And for one lo lead a group of Moors, you must keep your house clean - - clean \\ ith nood deeds, kind words—your wives, brothers must hear good words, kind words, and must know of your good deeds. If there are children you must see to their support. Follow this Divine Principle, for if you don't restrict to this Divine Principle then you arc-not a true Moor, and the heads are not to charge for membership, or to overcharge for cards, buttons, or for am -thing issued by the Prophet. Those who contribute to either of the preceding are not Moors, but robbers.

Membership, sisters and brothers, .is free; not only here but all over the

world. The button is 25 cents, card 25 cents; and one month's dues is paid. Lvery member pays 50 cents a month for dues. This money goes towards the support of the Temple. This, if not paid, does not entitle you to the protection that is provided for you. and especially if you are not working or in the position to work. If you neglect to fulfill this small duty assigned vou. how ran you rightfully expect money or other help when you are sick or otherwise disable?

And to be a real Moorish leader you must study the Koran and the Divine constitution that is handed down unto you by I. the Prophet.

The head of any Temple can maintain an emergency fund which can not exceed the amount of from twenty-five cents to fifty cents a week per member. AH public collections and dues also go to the support of the Temple and its domestic work. The head of every Temple must, by law, obey the word of the Prophet, and if any head leader or head of any Temple fails to obey these laws —embezzlement is his charge and is • nbject to enforcement of the law by Grand Body: and the penalty may be a fine or removal from office, or placed under a very heavy restriction of the law.

Supreme Words of the Prophet. NOBLE DREW ALI

The Moorish Guide oct-17-1928


Prophet Sends Marriage Law To All Temples

All marriage ceremonies of members of the Moorish Science Temple of America .must be performed by an ordained minister and the head of the temple.

And any man desiring to take unto himself a wife and receive our Moorish rites, he must go to the City Hall and receive his license to be registered in that city, county, and state. It then must be turned over in the hands of the aforesaid ordained minister and head of a temple after it ha? been properly signed by city officials. The price thereby for such adminis'erinii to man and wife will be five dollars. For all those who have their papers and desire our Moorish marriage ceremony, it is three dollars.

We Moors cannot marry no one but we obligate you. according to our di-

vine laws and covenant and the la\\s of the land. This must be proclaimed and made known to every temple so that there will be no misunderstanding. There will be no misunderstanding about I. the Prophet, and my teachings because Allah alone binds two hearts together as a unit. These are the marriage obligations and instructions for man and wife.

Chapter 22 from our Koran is to be read first to the husband and chapter 21 is to be read secondly to the wife. These are the instructions of marriage from our Holv Koran. Please obey the law as given you by your Prophet  through your Governor.


The Moorish Guide march-1-1929


                  Moorish Costumes Ball

So enthusiastic was the reception of the costumes worn by the Moorish Americans during their parade that the members of the Moorish Science Temple have decided to have at different times what they will call a Moroccan Costume BaU. This affair will be had shortly after the holidays, about New YeaYs Eve. The Prophet consented that this could be for the entertainment of the members. Other groups of people in the city have been using the dress of our forefathers and imitating them all but the olive hue they cannot get.

During the Moorish convention more than fifteen hundred Moroccan costumes were rented to Europeans who had seen the program and knew the Moors were to have a costume parade. But, nevertheless, we were successful

in obtaining through certain Asiatic costume dealers, all the costumes we wanted.

The Moorish Costume Ball will be among the first of such given where an idea is put forth that has to do with the origin of the millions of people in this country, who can trace their ancestors back to the illustrious founders of civilization. It will remind the descendants of these people of the time when their forefathers were the main people to spread the most progressive ideas of civilization. In fact they paved civilization many times.

When more barbaric tribes from the North were ravishing all countries, they were permitted to enter. It was

the forefather? of the Moorish Americans and their near kin that saved the historic records that were threatened during the days when the burning of

libraries was a fad for despotic soldiers.

This costume ball will be much looked for and appreciated.


The Moorish Guide oct-26-1928


      The Industrious Acts Of The Moslems


 The Industrious Acts of the Moslems of Northwest and Southwest Africa

These are the Moabites. Hamathites. Canaanites who were driven out of the land of Canaan by Joshua, and received permission of the Pharaohs of Egypt to settle in that portion of Eg)pt. In later years they formed themselves kingdoms. These kingdoms are called this day Morocco. Algiers. Tunis. Tripoli, etc. They originated the beauties of the Alhamhra and to an un-practiced e>e the light relives and fanciful arabesques uhich cover the walls of the Alhambra appear to have been sculptured by the hand. \S ith a minute and patient labor, and inexhaustible variety of detail, yet a general uniformity and harmony of design truly astonishing. And this may especially be said of the vaults, and cupolas which are v. rought like honeycombs or frost work, with stalactites. and pendants which confound the beholder with the seeming intricacy of their patterns. The astonishment ceases, however, when it is discovered that this is all stucco work, plates of plaster of paris cast in moulds and skillfully joined so as to form patterns of every size and form. This mode of disappearing walls with arabesques and stuccoing the vaults with grotto work was invented in Damascus but highly improved by the Moors in Morocco to whom Saracenic architecture owes its most graceful and fanciful details. The process by which all this fairy tracery was produced was ingeniously simple. The walls in their naked state were divided off by lines crossing at right angles, such as artists use in copying a picture. Over these were drawn a succession of interesting regiments of circles. By the aid of these the artists could work with celerity and certainty and from the mere intersection of their plain and curved lines arose the interminable variety of patterns, and the general uniformity of their character. Much gilding was used in the stucco work, especially of the cupolas, and the interstices were delicately penciled with brilliant colors, such as vermilion and lapis lazuli laid on with the whites of eggs.

The primitive colors alone were used, says Ford, by the Egyptians. Creeks, and Arabs, in the early period of art, and they prevail in the Alhambra wherever the artist has .been Arabic or Moorish. It is remarkable how much of their original brilliancy remains after the lapse of several centuries. The lower part of the walls in the saloons to the height of several feet is encrusted with glazed tiles, joined like the plates of stucco work so as to form various patterns. On some of these are emblazoned the escutcheons of the Moslem Kings traversed v.ith a band and motto. These glazed tiles. Azzulijas in Spanish. Azzuli-|a in Arabic are of Oriental origin.

Their coolness, cleanliness and freedom from vermin render them admirably fitted in sultry climates for paving halls, and fountains. Encrusting bathing rooms and lining the walls of chambers. Ford is inclined to give them great antiquity. From their prevailing colors, sapphire and .blue, he deduces that they may have formed the kind of pavements alluded to in the Sacred Scriptures. "There was under his feet as it were a paved work of sapphire stone," Exod. xxiv-10 and again. "Behold I will lay thy stones with the fairy colors and lay their foundations with sapphires."—Isa. IV-II. These glazed or porcelain tiles were introduced into Spain at an early date by the Moslems. Some are to be seen among the Moorish ruins have been

there upwards of eight centuries. Manufactures of them still exist in the Peninsula and they are much used in the Spanish houses, especially in the southern provinces for paving and lining the summer apartments. The Spaniards introduced them into the Netherlands when they had possession ol that country. The people of Holland adopted them with avidity as wonderfully suited to their passion for household cleanliness. And thus these Oriental inventions, the Azzulijas of the Spaniards, the Azzulija if the Arabs, have come to be commonly known as Dutch dies.

By PROFESSOR DREW, The Egyptian Adept.


  Moorish Leader's Historical Message To America

In connection with the aims, objects, rules and regulations of the Moorish Science Temple of America. I deem It proper to submit to you a brief statement of our organization, covering Its inception, rise and progress and of the Mohammedan religion, which I hope will be satisfactory to you and be tne means of causing you at all times to adhere to the principles of Love. Truth. Peace. Freedom, and Justice in your relatidns with mankind in general. I further, most anxiouslv hope this brief

statement will help you to more clearly see the duty and wisdom of at all times upholding those fundamental principles which are des-ired for our civilization of our posterity, such as obedience to law. respect and loyalty to government, tolerance, and unity.

We organized as the Moorish Temple of Science in the year of 1925. and were legally incorporated as a civic organization under the laws of the State of Illinois. November 29th. 1926. The name Moorish Temple of Science was changed to the Moorish Science Temple of America, May 1928. in accordance with the legal requirements of the Secretary of the State of Illinois.

The object of our Organization is to help in the great program of uplifting fallen humanity and teach those things necessary to make our members better citizens.

A National organization with a rotar-ian complexion as it relates to branch Temples became obvious with the increasing number of inquiries from men and women in different sections of the country concerning the purpose of the organization. There are branch Temples in fifteen (15) different states at this time.

Since the work of the Moorish Science Temple of America was largely religious, the organization has been legally changed to a religious corporation and an affidavit to this effect has been properly filed in the Cook County Recorder s ofhce r;l Illinois.

Inspired by the lofty teachings of the Koran, we have it as the revealed word of God Allah. We shall foster the principles of its teachings among our members. This is our religious privilege as American citizens, under the laws of one of the greatest documents of all time—the American Constitution.

The Mohammedan religion is the least appreciated and probably the most misunderstood of the world's great religions. This is especially true in our western world. Try to understand what Mohammedanism stands for, and some of the things it has contributed to the world.

Mohammed was the founder of the Mohammedan religion. It originated thirteen centuries ago on Arabian Pen-

insula, v. here the streams of commerce and culture met and mingled in the middle ages, where the markets of exchange were stationed for treasures of India and the products of the Mediterranean coasts. There, this religion was established in the unprecedented short period of twenty years, and unlike many other religions, without the aid of any royal patronage and support. Buddhism had its Asoka: Judaism its Joshua: Christianity its Constantine: hut Mohammedanism had no person of royal rank and power to assist in its establishment and spread.

Today this religion is acknowledged by nearly two hundred and fifty million souls and extends over an area equal to one-third of the globe. From Arabia it spread eastward over Persia, Turkestan. Afghanistan: westward across Svria. Asia Minor. Turkey; southward to Africa, covering more than half of that continent. It found its way to India, and beyond, to the Islands of Sumatra. Java, and Borneo.

To the early representatives of this faith the world's debt is incalculably great. For it was they who transmitted the treasures of Greek literature from the middle ages to the Renaissance; they who originated the graceful forms of v.hich the Tajmahal and the Alham-bra are the most famous examples. It was they who contributed to the sciences of algebra and chemistry, astronomy, and medicine; they who dotted the Sarcen Empire with universities and who built at Bagdad and Cairo the most renowned universities of the world. During those centuries of ecclesiastical despotism when the Christian church suppressed all intellectual activities save those that were theological, causing the talent that reproduces to supplant the genius that creates. Mohammedans did all in their power to encourage and stimulate research in every branch of human inquiry.

The Moors or Mohammedans added to the beauty and grandeur of Spain. For centuries art, science, literature, and chivalry flourished among them, while the rest of Europe was still sunk in the gloom of the Da.k Ages. The Moors were the most ingenious and industrious of the subjects of Spain. Their expulsion from Spain in 1610, was one of the chief causes of decadence of that country, for both agriculture and industry fell into decay after their departure.

Mohammedanism makes no distinction between high and low, rich and poor; it is like the sky, it has room for all.

The Koran should be of interest to all readers. It is the Bible of the Mohammedans, ruling over the customs and actions of over 200 millions of people. It is a work of importance whether considered from a religious philosophical, or literary viewpoint.

In the promotion of plans for the betterment of mankind, there has ever been same kind of opposition. And strange as it may seem, such opposition has come from sources where there were no ideas or the lack of courage to force attention to ideas. Whether in church, state or the social community, any attempt to do anything out of the usual way, seldom fails to receive criticism. Not because the course cannot be pursued legally or that it is unreasonable, but because it has been considered in terms as new.

The Moorish Science Temple of America has received some opposition and criticism. In the main the opposition has come from certain Christian ministers. They have expressed themselves as being opposed to our propagation of the Mohammedan religion. Possiblv because the promotion of the Mohammedan faith among our people

in the United States is considered by them in terms as something new. Whatever the reasons may be for their opposition, the legal right to oppose citizens, individuals and organizations alike for their religious belief does not exist in the United States. The door of religious freedom made by the A-merican Constitution swings open to all, and people may enter through it and worship as they desire. Without religious freedom, no search for truth would be possible; without religious freedom, no discovery of truth would be useful; without religious freedom, religious progress would be checked and we would no longer march forward toward the nobler life which the future holds for the races of men; without religious freedom, there would be no inspiration to lift our heads and gaze with fearlessness into the vast beyond, seeking a hope eternal..

It is a sad weakness in us after all, to oppose our fellowmen for their religious beliefs, and if there arr angels who record the sorrows of men as well as their sins, they certainly know how many and deep are the useless sorrows that spring forth from such opposition. Possibly, love and time will cancel our ancient hatreds in this regard and prove that in mankind,, tolerance is better than unwarranted opposition.

In connection with our religious aims and beliefs, we must promote economic security. The preaching of economic security among us is by no means as widespread and intensive as the circumstances demand. No other one thing is more needed among us at this time than greater economic, power. Better positions for our men and women, more business employment for our boys and girls and bigger incomes will follow our economic security. We shall be secure in nothing until we have eco-' nomic power. A beggar people cannot develop the highest in them, nor can

they attain to a genuine enjoyment of the spiritualities of life.

Our men, women and children should be taught to believe in the capacity of our group to succeed in business, in spite of the trials and failures of some of them. Trials and failures in business are by no means confined to any particular group of people. Some business ventures of all people fail. We have many men and women among our people who are qualified, both by training and experience, who are shin-ifig lights in the business world of all the people. It is a sad weakness in us as a people that we have withheld the very encouragement, support and patronage that would have made some of our worthy business ventures a grand success. And worst of all. have joined in the condemnations of them when they failed. 'Except in cases of actual dishonesty, discourtesy, lack of service and actual unreliability, our business enterprises in every field of endeavor should have lulled of confidence cooperation and patronage whenever and vherever they can be given.

Read carefully the doctrines of The Moorish Science Temple of America. It contains our hopes, aims, rules and ar-

ticles of religion. Every member should have a copy.

In conclusion, I urge you to remember there is work enough for all to do in helping to build a better world. The problems of life are largely social and economic. In a profound sense, they are moral and spiritual. Have lofty conceptions of your duties to your country and fellowman in general and especially those with whom you deal. This includes such honesty and righteousness as will cause you to put yourself in the other fellow's place. Look for the best in others and give them the best that is in you. Have a deeper appreciation for womanhood. Brighten the hopes of our youth in order that their courage be increased to dare and do wondrous things. Adhere at all times to the principles of love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice.

I am your affectionate leader. I shall continue to labor day and night, both in public and private, for your good, thereby contributing to the welfare of our country and its people as a whole.


The Moorish Guide oct-26-1928




All nations of the earth are now being forced to contribute their
share in this american life. Some of the nations here are put at a
disadvantage supposedly becuase they happen to have a hue of every
other nation of globe.They have been victims of a peculiar psychology
designed to hold them in mental slavery. So long as men permit other
nations to furnish them with their food for thought just so long do
they allow their heads to supplant their advisors.

What will happen among the Asiaitics of the world will first happen
in The United States of America. And the first cosmopolitan city of
this nation will be in Chicago. This is Chicago, the only city of the
land that has all features of this American life engaged in by our
people. Aldermen seated in the council of the city. Men high in
official affairs of the city generally. there is but one Chicago.

The Moorish Guide-Oct/26/1928



Anytime a Man or a Woman fails or refuses to cast a sacred ballot at
the polls they seperate themselves from all rights of an American
citizen. for surely this is the one connecting medium for a citizen
to his nation.

They become no more than belated beast of burdens. There are reasons
why certain classes, who are more or less independent, take no part
in politics since they say they get nothing out of such in the way of
material gain.

This is no less than a political slave since they refuse to voice
their sentiments at the polls.

Another form of political slavery which is probably more prevalent
among the less independent classes is that of being forced into one
of the major parties and there bribed, coerced or otherwise forced to
vote the wishes of someone else regardless of their own minds.

Before there can be general relief for the economic good of all, all
forms of political slavery must be abolished and every citizen must
take his part in the affairs of the nation.

The Moorish Guide-feb/19/1929



The three thousand Moslems of The Grand Temple and The West Side
Temple are making ready to register every Man or Woman in order to
take the lead for the various candidates whom they have been
instructed to vote for.

Alderman Louis B Anderson, Hon. George W. Blackwell, Hon. Oscar
DePriest, Hon. H. Jackson, all working through the regular Republican
Organizations of which The Hon. Daniel M. Jackson is our matchless
leader all know the whole situation and have their own way and time
to give the order to go. The Moslems will be ready.

The Moorish Guide-oct/26/1928



One of the most difficult things in this world to get control of is
the human tongue. kipling never wrote anything more truer than when
wrote that. "man may hold most any post if he'll only hold his

before you set your tongue to action, get it under control. a single
tongue can do more harm in the world than a battallion of soldiers.
soldiers can kill but bodies, while the tongue can kill reputations
characters. really it is too bad that we have no laws to curb tongues
from lieing, and scandalizing.

no doubt you all have read the story of Iago, a character in one of
shakespears plays---when he powerfully pictured in the character of
Iago the terrible consequences following the path of an evil tongue.

Iago not only destroyed the reputation and pure character of
but he finally, through Othello, killed her body. thats why i say---
compel your tongue to speak helpful messages or else---keep it still.

make it a rule of your life to use your tongue for high purposes
resolve to speak of man or woman of no other way unless you speak of
good qualities of that man or woman. no one ever gained happiness out
of injuring the feelings or character of some one else.

no one ever failed to get happiness by speaking well of other people.
so learn as if you were to live forever-live as if you were to die

moorish guide 2/1/1929.



ALLAH has sent us a PROPHET and sent him in time with a Holy message
which is divine. he came to let the Asiatics of America know they are
of the ancient family of the MOORS.

his speal was to the Asiatics first. WHY? becuase they have been
sinners since their departure from their forefathers religion. OH!
Sinners, why don't you hear the soul of Islam ringing in your ears.

The Prophet has said that "if I were you I would get ready before you
are made to do so".

now come and pick up your fore-fathers and mothers ancient and Divine
creed which carries your national name indeed. it will entitle you to
your rights which you have been denied.

becuase in 1774 your light was cut off from the ancient Moors and that
is why ALLAH has sent to us a Prophet in 1886 to prepare the light that
was out.

in 1925 The Prophet said "I have mended the broken wires and have
connected them with The Higher Powers." so come on Asiaitics, don't you
want to go? we were marching on to Canaan. i used to think that it was
a city in the sky, but now i know it is here on earth. DON'T YOU WANT

by sis. Whitehead El, Moorish Guide 9/28/1928